The Works Package

Phase 1

"The Work" begins with a custom, handmade, 452x harness. You can pick any colors you like.

Our harness are all twisted and served under hundreds of pounds of tension. Our strings are guaranteed for perfect peep rotation with every shot!

Phase 2

After your new harness is installed, the bow is set up to proper specifications including:

Phase 3

This is the tuning phase.

During this part we will use several different methods to tune your bow and optimize it for perfect arrow flight and maximum performance.

Generally, on a Hybrid or Binary cam system, the process will begin with Creep Tuning to ensure that the cams are in perfect time and sync. This process makes the bow very forgiving to variances in the amount of back tension being used from shot to shot and will help to eliminate a lot of high and low misses.

Next is Paper Tuning. We paper tune your bow with the arrow that you will be shooting. By doing this we are able to maximize arrow flight and performance. Especially when fixed-blade broadheads are being used.

If we have to make adjustments in paper tuning that seem to be outside of the normal parameters, we will walk-back-tune. This is done by shooting at a vertical line from several distances. All arrows are shot using your twenty-yard pin. Groups are shot at 5-10-20-30 yards. Small adjustments are then made to the center-shot until the arrows shot from all distances impact the line.

Phase 4

This is the Arrow Tuning phase.

We shoot each of your arrows and record their impact. Arrows that do not hit the same hole are then pulled aside. We then shoot those arrows again and make small adjustments to nock rotation until they all hit the same. If an arrow will not shoot in the group you know which arrow to cull out.

Phase 5

This is the Bow Force Mapping phase.

This process allows us to set your pin gaps and sight your bow in from 20-100 yards. The BFM will also provide the shooter with valuable ballistic data about their set-up. This data will show things like down range velocity and kinetic energy.


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