Super Tune-Ups

expert bow analysis - Super Tune-UpsOur BowXperts Super Tune-up is the most comprehensive bow tuning available today.

We have made a science out of making bows shoot better than they ever have.

Phase 1 of our Super Tunes involves setting the bow to proper specifications.

This includes axle-axle length, brace height, poundage, draw length, cam timing or synchronization, cam lean, center-shot, and nock height. We also clean and lubricate all working parts and clean and wax the bowstring and cables using Scorpion Polymeric Bowstring Fluids.

Phase 2 involves setting up the bow in our Hooter Shooter machine.

This machine allows us to draw and shoot the bow without the influences of the shooter. Because we can incrementally draw the bow, we are able to better observe and set the timing of cams and drop-away arrow rest.

We begin by creep tuning. Creep tuning is done to show variations in nock travel and timing created by pulling harder or softer into the wall. We shoot arrows at a horizontal line from various positions in the valley of the cam and make adjustments until arrows from all positions land on the line. We, then, paper tune the bow from several distances to optimize arrow flight.

Phase 3 includes group tuning your arrows.

We begin by numbering the arrows that you provide for us (6 is best). We then shoot and record each arrow from the shooting machine. If everything is right and the arrows are of good quality and straight the arrows should all hit the same hole. If there are arrows that will not shoot the same, we can sometimes get them to by rotating or replacing nocks. If we cannot, you will at least know which arrows are good and which ones you need to discard (or give to your buddy!).

Phase 4 is chronographing your set-up.

This measures the velocity of your set-up in feet per second. From this number, we can also calculate your bow's kinetic energy and make recommendations on broadhead choices for different game species.

Phase 5 involves recording and documenting all of our findings onto a hard copy for you to keep.

Every vital measurement and statistic will be recorded so that we may trouble shoot should any problems occur down the road.

When we ship you your bow, you will have the piece of mind that everything about your bow and arrow setup is perfect. The only variable will be you - the shooter! So let us make your bow shoot like never before!

It may not be rocket science, but it is archery science!

Many people are combining our Super Tunes with our Bow Force Mapping service to give them the ultimate performance from their bow. We offer a reduced rate when they are combined.

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