Bow Tune-Ups & Repairs

Our bow tune-ups are designed to make your bow shoot more accurately and safely, increasing your success and enjoyment of the sport. Whether you are competing in the state championship or drawing back on the trophy of a lifetime, our tune-ups will help you succeed!

Our Tune-Up Steps

  1. We start each tune-up by recording all the vital measurements of your bow as it was brought to us.
  2. We then pull the limbs and clean and lubricate rockers, saddles, half-rounds and limb butts.
  3. We also pull and clean and or lube the axles.
  4. After re-assembling the bow, we then set tiller, poundage, cam timing, cam lean, nock height, and center shot.
  5. After this is complete, we record all of the new measurements on our tune-up sheets, along with comments and recommendations on your set-up. This sheet will be given to you for your records when we ship your bow.

This service is often combined with the installation of new strings and cables, as we will have the bow apart at that time anyways. There will be a few things we will need to know when you ship your bow to us:

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Our tune-ups are an economical way to improve and maintain your current set-up. Turn around time for this service is usually two to three days. Serious archers will make this a yearly service to make sure their bows are in top condition for the upcoming season.

Bow Repairs & Other Services

We're a full-service repair and maintenance facility. We also have the ability to perform warranty work for most of the major manufactures. We will charge a tune-up fee for our services. We can also provide services such as re-serving, cam timing, replacing cam bushings and most any other repair you can think of!

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